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OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program


Great to see you are interested in participating in our campus “Looking In” challenge. This is a 10-week challenge designed to assist you in developing good self-care rhythms. The challenge has 4 components:

  1. A daily baseline rhythm that will remain the same for the entire 10 weeks
  2. A weekly challenge that will last 7 days at a time
  3. A selection of bonus challenges that can be done at any time during the 10 weeks
  4. Bonus points for sending weekly participation results to an accountability partner

The challenge begins Sunday 11/28 but can be joined at any time. Each week of the challenge starts on Sunday and ends Saturday. You can choose to use a paper copy to track your progress throughout the challenge, but all weekly log points must be submitted using the Google form link below. Please only submit the form once per week, no later than Saturday at 11:59pm. Weekly results will be updated first thing each Sunday morning, and current leaders will be announced each week at our Sunday worship service.

There are 230 possible points in the challenge, and logging is on the honor system. You will see, however, that you get bonus points for sending your weekly progress to a non-family member person at our campus.

Did you say prizes?? YES, indeed there will be. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be given gift cards of $200, $150, and $100 respectively. The challenge is ON!