Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

In my last post, I shared with you the simple strategies I am using to transition our organization into a global enterprise. I have seen over and over how professional women have achieved personal growth and measurable success in their business by aligning themselves with our organization. And although DPWN has been very successful at creating a powerful culture of engaged women who believe in our vision, we could be an even more powerful and provide more resources for our members if we could scale to a national or global level.

blog_article_big-girl-pants1-265x300It is now time for us all to put on our Big Girl Pants and make it happen together. It is very exciting! But yet it is very scary at the same time because up until this time, I have been making decisions and implementing ideas based on my own abilities. I have basically been a one woman show. I have learned a whole lot over the past few years, but the time has come for me to hire professionals who are experts in their field and can get better results because they will be single focused unlike the multi-focused approach I have taken.

For this plan to be successful, we will all need to work together. Because just like when DPWN started 7+ years ago, this needs to be a collaborative effort by all. But for that to happen, I will need to first share the plan so here are the basics.

Our Vision Statement:

Our Vision is to become THE leading resource for professional women who want to join a powerful community/”Tribe” that will connect them to the best alliances, the best resources and the best opportunities to support their business growth goals.

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide the most advanced compilation of resources and opportunities to attract and develop a strong and dynamic tribe of dedicated, loyal, success-oriented business professionals who actively set and implement goals to increase their businesses and develop personally.

Our Plan – Step One

  • Launch new website with new look and better functionality
  • Create and hire the right people for our internal Core Success Team

Our Plan – Step Two

  • Unveil new membership levels with online registration
  • Launch Leadership Certification program and benefits
  • Launch New Chapter Licensee program
  • Launch Affiliate referral program
  • Launch Virtual Community with expanded resource library

Our Plan – Step Three

  • Launch Dynamic Women’s Conference
  • Launch Executive Leadership Retreat
  • Launch Tribe Talk Podcast with featured member experts

This is a high level outline of the plan that we will be working over the next 6 months or so. For this to work however, we will need your help. But because we are now so large and geographically diverse, in-person meetings will just not work anymore to get your involvement. So we are going to utilize technology in the following ways to work as a team.

  1. When we send you a survey, please take a moment to give us your feedback and ideas.
  2. When we schedule a webinar or tele-seminar, register so you can attend or get the recorded link.
  3. When we launch the new website, schedule time to review and update your profile.
  4. Keep in touch with the changes and updated on the website announcement page or the DPWN University.

This is all for now.

Join me in two weeks where I will begin sharing why tribes are now more valuable than ever.


Our DPWN Tribe is going global