Enjoy the business & life of your dreams

For mission-driven women who are finally ready to step into a bigger vision of their business and life, surrounded by a like-minded community of leaders and a mentor you can trust.

Six Month Mastermind

Our EPIC Elite Mastermind circles are PERFECT for women who are ready to rise to the next level and collaborate deeper with other like-minded women who are dedicated to expanding their business and increasing their impact and income.

For maximum results and synergy, you will be teamed up with other women whose business revenue, focus, and goals align with yours. You will also get customized support, accountability, additional visibility, and become better equipped to accomplish your BIG Business and Life dreams.

Belong to a multi-faceted Mastermind with a team of women uniting to be stronger, wiser, and more profitable TOGETHER.

Participate in 2-Expert Facilitated Mastermind Meetings Every Month.

Bi-weekly Influencer Show in Epic Women United Group.

Luxury Retreat.

Joint Venture Partnership to Earn 30% for Each of Your Referred Mastermind Members.

Be a Mastermind Circle Leader and Earn 10% for Every Circle Member.

This is your invitation to become part of an elite mastermind of women focused on creating prosperity, growth, and EPIC impact.

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