Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM152: Dr. Susie Warden | Posture Up!!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM152: Dr. Susie Warden | Posture Up!!


5 POWERFUL OUTCOMES from Sharing Your Personal Power Story

There is nothing more important in this world that the relationships we build and the legacy we leave in the lives of those who have crossed paths with us on our journey of life. And it’s the experiences we have along this journey that defines our individual uniqueness and creates our own powerful personal blueprint or our unique personal power story snowflake.

It is this blueprint that can empower us to possess a distinct advantage over ever other person in this world if leveraged correctly and shared. If we don’t have the courage to share our snowflake, it will be lost forever. No one will have the same story and no one can repeat your story therefore those who come after you will never learn anything from what you experienced and what you learned.

In this first training, I will share the 5 Powerful Outcomes you can expect from sharing your personal power story in business. After you watch, don’t forget to download my way cool 5 Powerful Outcomes cheat sheet.



“P” #1 > Purge


“P” #2 > Purpose & #3 Promise


“P” #4 Proof

Stay tuned for my upcoming training’s where I will share how you too can craft and leverage your own Personal Power Story.

Learn more about our Overcoming Mediocrity books and project at our DPWN Publishing website. Want to share your story too, apply now to be in the next book debuting February 2018.

Hugs & Blessings!


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