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OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Christie with Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn’s wisdom and stories are gleaned from his own life of successes and failures.  He was a graduate from Xavier University (where he had a full-ride basketball scholarship) and then became a business owner in a multi-billion dollar international industry that was lost overnight in a fire. As a result, Sam became negative, broke, depressed, had no place to live and got by working nights as a janitor.  Sam’s attitude was negatively impacted until a dear friend gave him what he calls a “kick in the attitude” a gift that changed his entire outlook.   Sam made a concentrated effort to work on his attitude and learn how to use his attitude in positive ways.  Within two years, Sam went from sleeping on the floor to achieving dreams he once thought were unreachable.

Today, Sam is an accomplished artist, author and operates his highly successful speaking businesses. Sam’s topics revolve around attitude, empowerment, leadership, peak performance, employee engagement, transformation, customer service and teamwork.  His programs are rooted in the belief that keeping a positive outlook in any situation is essential to finding success and fulfillment in work and in life.  Sam energizes audiences with his inspiration and sidesplitting


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August 9, 2014