Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Work with Christie

Are you tired of living small; helping people one at a time?

Are you ready to live BIG and make a greater impact with an online… one-to-many business model!


As the founder of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network Inc., my mission for over twenty years has been and still is to elevate women to heights beyond their current belief system. They choose to work with me in a variety of projects and programs. From joining a loyal women’s networking community, publishing their story and business book, speaking on my various platforms, attending my live events and 3-day intensive retreats to private coaching and year-long training, there’s bound to be a fit for your specific business development needs.


Women who are just starting out and want to create their DREAM business.

Creating a successful business is both a science AND an art.

It requires the SCIENCE of:
  • Zeroing in on your ideal client, so you become MAGNETIC  in the marketplace.
  • Creating a valuable offer that people WANT and will bring others with them.
  • Understanding how to make your business SCALABLE, so you work less to serve more.

And it requires the ART of:

  • Creating RESULTS in your own life and the lives of your clients.
  • Knowing how to OVERCOME all of the doubt, confusion, and questions you have.
  • Having WICKED confidence in what you offer people.


Women who have already gotten their hands dirty… they have a biz… they just know they are not making the money they should.

You did not start your business to work crazy hours… only to help a few people.  You started it to create massive impact by helping your clients achieve their desired results. Plus, you want to enjoy more time freedom, money freedom, AND build a life beyond your wildest dreams to leave a lasting legacy to your future generations.

There is a huge difference between signing your first clients to work one-on-one with them and becoming a profitable coach with a scalable business model.

Leveraging your time as a full-time coach requires a different approach.
  • It requires you to know exactly how to sign clients consistently into your open-enrollment business model.
  • It requires you to be clear on how you help people and creating an evergreen program that gives them epic results.
  • It requires you to stay focused on the most important things instead of getting caught up in the endless list of things you could be doing.

My process WILL help you help more people without working more.
(You’ll actually work less and make more money.)


Client Success Story

I hit six figures in my first year!

I’m doing really well, thanks to Christie’s coaching and the publicity that I was able to get from the overcoming mediocrity series.

I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. Joining the overcoming mediocrity team was a life-changing experience for me.

Lindsey Oaks

Personal Branding

Client Success Story

Christie's coaching has been a great experience for me and taught me so much about the challenges of marketing my business. Her knowledge and experience helped me get to that next level that I was searching for when launching my new Life Coaching business.

Thank you Christie for your patience and teaching me so much about myself – and for your encouragement to really make it my own! Loved working with you and will be sure to recommend your services to all new coaches out there!

Stella Hondros

Empowerment Coach

Story to Authority Course



Trust me, I know. But I don’t want you to feel like a failure!

Because you are an expert in YOUR NICHE, not an expert business strategist.

That is MY NICHE…

If you can dream it, I can help you create it!




Not sure where to start


Client testimonial

Christie helped me get super clear on my tagline which is, "High ticket sales with confidence and grace." And because of that, I've really been able to position myself as a leader and as an expert in teaching high ticket sales from a very feminine perspective.

Jen Vera

Sales Embodiment Coach

Client Success Story

I cannot say enough about Christie Ruffino and her coaching! She has changed how I look at business, relationships, projects, networking, and more in a professional and personal capacity. Christie’s approach is fresh, approachable, and NOT INTIMIDATING!

I found so much value in Christie’s coaching that I chose to collaborate with her on the most recent publication of Overcoming Mediocrity.

You will not be disappointed when you reach out to Christie for coaching in business, as the insight, tools, and coaching elements also translate to everyday life.

Sara Goggin Young

Owner, Mindset, Nutrition & Movement Coach

Let’s Create Your Successful and Thriving Business
That Actually Changes Lives.

I meet AMAZING WOMEN every day who are capable of changing the world. Women like you who’ve finally found their calling but wind up WASTING THEIR VALUABLE TIME trying to make a business out of it. It’s not that it can’t be done. It definitely can. But they need a plan to create a profitable business, not an expensive hobby.

My job is to help you dream bigger, set bigger goals, and help you accomplish them quicker. I’ll not only show you a way to turn your wildest dreams into reality. I’ll help you map out and execute a step-by-plan to build your profitable business.

No one says success is easy. But with the right plan and the willingness to do things differently, everything you want is closer than you think.

All you need is passion and dedication.

Let me help you do the rest.

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